Chair massage

Chair massage is a form of bodywork that takes place with the person seated on a specially designed ergonomic chair which allows a relaxing posture.
The accessible nature of seated massage has brought it to the office that is why we often talk about Corporate Chair Massage. Companies that want to reduce the stress of their employees choose this particular anti-stress method. Chair massage combines several advantages:

- Short time: The sequence lasts about 20 min. It is just a pleasant and relaxing break in your working day.
- Efficiency: It covers key areas (arms, back, neck…) by touching several pressure points. At the end you feel relaxed but not asleep. So you are ready to resume your work with a better concentration.
- Practical aspect: The treatment can be done in the workplace. It is a fully clothed massage without the use of oil.
- Cost: 20 min. for 20 € - 30 min. for 30 €

Vincent Claessens gives chair massages in several departments of the European Commission.