In the daily life, it is useful to regularly stop and ask ourselves: "Who is directing my life? What part of me is deciding and expressing itself when I make this or that choice and behave in such way?" As we develop this sort of questioning, we rapidly become aware of the multitude of sub-personalities that animate our internal life. This subjective life is a little theatre, with its cast of actors and its different dramas.

In this book, Vincent Claessens invites to explore this internal universe in order to meet these characters that live in the field of our consciousness and very often in the unconscious level. To assist in this work of exploration of the unconscious, various theoretical and pratical tools are indicated; most of them are coming from the Psychosynthesis.

Created by Roberto Assagioli in the 20th century, Psychosynthesis is defined as "an integrated and dynamic conception of the human being." In order to balance and unify the diffrend parts of the psyche, lots of exercices are proposed and they develop the theoretical aspects of Psychosynthesis.

A clear book to have a light on The Mosaic Being and to take a step forwards to the self knowledge. Available on