Psychosynthesis: A path through consciousness

Psychosynthesis is a holistic method, an integrated and dynamic conception of the human being. It helps to develop the self knowledge through an approach that leads the individual to autonomy, responsable of his/her own growth.

Psychosynthesis is an open gate to our psychological and spiritual dimensions. To experiment a psychosynthesis is like going on a journey in our inner world; travelling through the prominent events of our personnel story. On the way we face some difficulties which we can overcome if we consciously look after a solution inside ourselves. Psychosynthesis is essentially the discovery process of our inner potential coming to light.

This approach covers all the levels of the being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The aim is to balance and unify all the dimensions around the "Centre of consciousness." That process is funded on the will perceived as a driving force of our inner freedom.

We can discover inside ourselves a "space" that becomes the source of our inspiration: The Centre of consciousness from which we can observe and listen to ourselves, to the others, and create constructive and creative relationships. To focuse on that Centre (thanks to meditation) helps us to develop the intuition, the imagination, the will,...

Psychosynthesis helps us to contact untapped capacities thanks to several technics: Exploration of the unconscious and its different levels, visualisations and practice of meditation, synthesis of polarities, the will and its functions...

There are three levels of Psychosynthesis:

- Personal: Self knowledge.
- Interpersonal: Relationships with others and the environment.
- Transpersonal: Contact with spiritual energies within ourselves.

Psychosynthesis is usefull in several areas: therapy, education, art, professional (coaching, stress release session...)

The cost of a session is 45 €.