Ancient Thai Massage

This Asian technique is similar to acupressure. It works on the Nadis, the energy lines described in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine. It aims to loosen blocks and to recoup deficiencies along these lines. Therefore life energy (Prana) is allowed to freely circulate.

The most powerfull movements in Thai massage are the stretches and yogic Asanas that improve the flexibility. The practitioner places the person in Yoga postures. That is why this floor massage is sometimes called “Yoga for lazy people”.

The main roots of Thai massage are not in Thailand but in Northern India. At the time of the Buddha lived a great physician named Jivaka. He was a re-known healer and he provided free medical care to the monks. His teachings about medicinal plants and massage travel to Thailand at the same time as Buddhism.
Because of that very old origin practitioners often call it by his genuine name: Ancient Massage.